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Are Smart Cities Making Our Lives Better?

16 June 2021

So, ask yourself a question if you do live in a smart city. Is your life better? For those who don’t live in a smart city, what are the advantages and disadvantages of living in a smart city?

4 Ways IoT Is Transforming The Commercial Kitchen

03 June 2021

IoT prevents machine failures, improves operational efficiencies, and reduces costs. There are many other ways that IoT is transforming the commercial kitchen. Here are four ways IoT is transforming the commercial kitchen.

5 Ways IoT In Healthcare Is Improving Our Way Of Life

26 May 2021

Due to the Covid pandemic, IoT in healthcare has been front and center in assisting patients. According to experts, “the number of patients using wearable medical devices has grown by 44% every year.”

4 Strategies To Support Smart Ag Farmers To Be More Successful

12 May 2021

Smart agriculture and Precision farming are the new ways farmers are doing more with less—environmental concerns, decreasing profits, more demand with the growing population, and fewer resources. Farmers can improve crop yields and profits by using IoT technology, reducing pollution, and be more sustainable.

4 Ways To Make Your Hybrid Customer Support Team Successful

28 April 2021

More and more companies are sending their employees back to the office. At the same time, other companies are having worries about sending their employees back to the office. The new normal is created and the Hybrid office environment.

3 Ways Your IoT Project Can Fail

21 April 2021

In my last blog, I stated the ways your IoT projects can succeed. Now is the time to talk about ways your IoT project can fail. It’s never easy to start a new project. That’s why 75% of business-related IoT projects are failing.

3 Ways to Make Your IoT Project Successful

14 April 2021

All projects take a lot of time, need patience, proper leadership, and collaboration. Any technical project needs all of these and more. IoT projects depend on customer support, IT, Sales, Marketing, design teams, engineers to make a project a success.