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5 Ways IoT In Healthcare Is Improving Our Way Of Life

Due to the Covid pandemic, IoT in healthcare has been front and center in assisting patients. According to experts, “the number of patients using wearable medical devices has grown by 44% every year.” That means more and more people are relying on these devices. As a result, IoT has revolutionized the way the doctor-patient relationship. Here are five ways IoT has improved our way of life. 

  1. IoT-connected sensors on hospital wristbands and medical devices; Healthcare centers use IoT-connected devices to monitor patients’ heart rates, glucose levels, blood pressure, and other critical information. When this information is monitored and reported in real-time, staff will know right away if there is a medical emergency.
  2. Medical errors: Unfortunately, medical mistakes happen in healthcare. Healthcare workers use IoT-connected wristbands to immediately verify a patient’s identity, avoid mix-ups, and check for allergies or other important medical information. 
  3. Operational costs:  IoT devices are much faster at transferring data than humans. That leads to decreasing work needed from staff and lower operating costs. As an added benefit, IoT reduces the risk of costly and time-consuming errors in data entry.
  4. IoT in Rural communities:   Covid has helped doctors use IoT-connected devices to monitor patient data. You combine this with video conferencing; now, doctors can assist patients virtually. This system doesn’t always replace in-person visits, but it can dramatically improve accessibility for rural communities.
  5. Research is critical in making advancements in healthcare, but doctors and scientists often face obstacles when trying to conduct studies. IoT streamlines data collection, easing the burden on researchers. In addition, IoT can collect and store enormous amounts of information that would be difficult to manage. IoT assists researchers in collecting information consistently over a long period.

IoT is always the best solution for the patient. But, it gives the doctor and patient another way to connect and diagnose the issue with the help of technology. In the near future, IoT in healthcare will continue to develop. Therefore, Healthcare needs to continue building and funding IoT technology to help patients worldwide get the care they deserve.