About Us

What is Cygnus Reach

“Cygnus” as a name was based on the galaxy Cygnus A and is one of the strongest sources of radio waves in the sky.  Cygnus, our company, was named to pay tribute to this radio galaxy and felt that it epitomized our passion for IoT and connecting a world of products to people and each other. We believe that any technology is only as good as its reputation and we have set out to help industries work better through the use of internet-enabled devices.

Cygnus is a partner of i3 Product Development, who designs and supports IoT products for global brands in all industries. i3 saw the need to better support products they designed for clients so they built the Reach℠ system to address that need. i3 Product development is an expert in electrical engineering, industrial design, software & mechanical engineering, user experience, design research, analytical engineering, prototyping, and testing.

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