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About Cygnus

Reimagining Remote Support For IoT-Enabled Products

The Beginning

Cygnus Reach® was built from a complex technical question – How can we offer better support for internet-enabled devices when they are in the hands of end users?

As the founding team worked with clients designing and engineering IoT products, they discovered how difficult it was to assist end users in the field. So they got to work building a tool to make it easier to see, share, and repair these internet-enabled devices. 

Led by James Grogan, Cygnus has the broader goal of helping companies make IoT happen. Whether a new entrant into the space or an IoT expert, Cygnus is available to support your company’s IoT infrastructure.

What's in a Name?

“Cygnus” as a name was based on the galaxy, Cygnus A, and is one of the strongest sources of radio waves in the universe.  Our company is named to pay tribute to this radio galaxy. It embodies our passion for Internet of Things connecting a world of products to people and with each other. We believe that any technology is only as good as its reputation and we have set out to help industries work better through the use of internet-enabled devices.

Partnering with Premier Talent

Cygnus is a partner of i3 Product Development, a Madison, Wisconsin-based new product development firm that designs and supports IoT products for global brands across all industries. i3 Product Development provides expertise in electrical engineering, industrial design, software & mechanical engineering, user experience design, analytical engineering, prototyping, and testing.


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