Cygnus Technology


How It Works

The Reach® Platform offers more control and insight than ever before by allowing remote support agents to troubleshoot and repair IoT devices and software in two simple steps.

1. Request Support

An end user requests support using their mobile app to connect to a support agent. Reach® support session is initiated.

2. See, Share, Repair

Once enabled, a support agent can connect, diagnose, and troubleshoot nearly any IoT product remotely and in real-time. Utilizing the Reach® web interface, the agent is able to see everything in one convenient view, accessing an end user’s video stream, screen share, and easily capture files and images that might assist in troubleshooting.

The Results

90% Decrease in Call Times

Decrease in Call Times

75% Reduction in technician visits

Reduction in Technician Visits

75% Decrease in Call Time

Fewer Product Returns

Images of mobile phone with a 4.8 app rating

Improved App & Product Ratings

How To Get Started

image of a device to mobile connection, a mobile to desktop connection and full device control of the device from the desktop.
Embed the Reach® SDK into your company’s mobile app.
The Reach® Platform will request access to the camera and screen-sharing capabilities of the user’s Android or iOS device..

Use Bluetooth or WiFi to connect to your customers’ IoT devices.

Note: Each IoT device implementation requires customization in the mobile app code.