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How it Works


More connected products mean more demand on our customer support representatives. High tech products add a new level of complexity to product support.


However, the last thing customers want is a long conversation with a support representative trying to diagnose a complex problem. These calls often lead to increased frustration and even dissatisfaction with the product.


Luckily, with Reach℠, long call times and user dissatisfaction are a thing of the past. Support representatives simply need to direct the user to open their product’s mobile app.


Once open and in support mode, the support representative can invite the user to begin a support session. Then, the user only has to confirm the session for the troubleshooting to begin.


Using a Bluetooth connection, the support representative now has access to the data from the troublesome smart machine. This allows the support representative to explore the issue and make changes to the machine remotely. No user intervention is necessary.


Reach℠ accomplishes this by using the user's phone's connection to the smart machine via Bluetooth. So long as the user’s phone is near the machine, frustration-free troubleshooting can occur. The user doesn’t even need to remain on the call.


If troubleshooting reveals that an on-site technician is needed, the support representative has the ability to call one to the user's location. 


Companies who use Reach℠ to support their products saw large reductions to call time, product returns, and technician visits. Sign up above for free to see how Reach could improve your customer experience today. 

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