Remote Support for IoT Devices

Is your company ready to support smart products?

Reach helps your customers avoid frustration and difficult support scenarios while troubleshooting their products in the field.

Mobile app and computer desktop integrated with Cygnus Reach.

Reach Works in Any Industry

The Reach Remote Support Platform

Allows support agents to feel like they are with an end user.

  • Remote IoT Device Control
  • Streaming Video
  • Screen Sharing from apps

The result is more efficient support teams and an improved customer experience.


90% Decrease in Call Times

Decrease in Call Times

75% Reduction in technician visits

Reduction in Technician Visits

75% Decrease in Call Time

Fewer Product Returns

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Improved App & Product Ratings

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How it Works


Enable Camera Access
to stream video and capture photos.


mobile apps to troubleshoot
in real-time.


Quickly Diagnose and restore IoT devices even if they can't connect to the internet.

“We are seeing an 75% increase in efficiency on phone calls within our call center, lowering a 45 minute phone conversation down to 11 minutes. Our product support team increased their profitability by 350% because of Reach."

Nick Von Muenster | Scale-Tec


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