4 Ways To Make Your Remote Customer Service Team Successful

Your customers need to trust you in these tumultuous times. Your customer service team is a valuable frontline resource to maintaining that trust with your customers. It isn’t easy to give your customers the best experience possible, even in the best of times. When we’re in the middle of a pandemic, it’s harder to. Setting […]

Becoming A Customer Support Hero In an IoT World

I admit that I’m a superhero nerd. Who doesn’t want to be Batman? Superman? Wonder Woman Come on, who are you kidding? How about becoming a customer support hero? I know you’re not able to leap buildings, have those fun gadgets, or a lasso that makes people tell you the truth.  What can you do […]

Customer Satisfaction And 5 Ways To Improve It

  How do you know your customers are satisfied with your business? We know the old customer service saying. “The customer is always right. How do we know that? Precise data analytics, account based marketing, countless surveys, empirical evidence, focus groups. Those are all important to show the customer metrics of why they’re right. How […]

How to deal with the negative customer experience and technology

There are things that are for certain in this world. Death, taxes, and bad customer reviews. How your company overcomes negative customer experiences is the difference between a profitable business and a business losing money to overcome the negative customer experience. I’m going to share three important customer survey statistics that lead to negative customer […]

IoT Technology Impacts The Total Customer Experience

IoT technology makes it possible for contact centers to improve their customer service experience. By using the data provided by customers, businesses can now improve the product by diagnosing to improve the product more efficiently than ever before. Data is only part of the solution in impacting the total customer experience. Most businesses forget even […]

Creating a Customer-Centric Support Team

What does it mean for your business to be customer-centric? Most businesses think it’s about giving your customers great customer service. That’s true. You should also be giving your customers great customer service all the time, every time you engage with your customer.   First, let’s define Customer-Centric. It’s defined as an approach to doing business […]

3 Of The Most Important Qualities To Deliver Superior Customer Service

IoT devices have become a part of daily life. But, with all technology comes the inevitable glitches.  Does your customer support team have these superior customer service qualities? Three qualities to deliver superior customer service:   Clear communication skills:  If a customer representative cannot clearly communicate to the customer it can create more issues. Unclear language, […]