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4 Ways To Make Your Remote Customer Service Team Successful

Your customers need to trust you in these tumultuous times. Your customer service team is a valuable frontline resource to maintaining that trust with your customers. It isn’t easy to give your customers the best experience possible, even in the best of times. When we’re in the middle of a pandemic, it’s harder to. Setting up your customer service team to be successful is even more important today. 

Here are four strategies to set up your customer service team for success: 

  1. Using cloud-based software: A solid cloud-based software solution is key to keeping your customer service team up to date on the latest information. Having a valuable software partner will continue to help roll out innovations and updates. 
  2. Monitor the correct KPI’s: Monitoring calls, emails and ensuring your team is on point with helping customers is still extremely important. You still need to trust that everyone is doing their job. The main KPI is the customer experience, customer retention, loyalty, and first contact resolution. It would be best to let your team know these metrics are now a top priority. Trust your team to get the job done right. This will ensure you and your team are on the same page. 
  3. Recognize a job well done:  HubSpot’s research revealed that 69% of employees would work harder if they felt their employer recognized their efforts. When your customer service representatives support customers from home, it becomes even more critical to find ways to acknowledge their work. Recognize individual and team performance. Figure out what means more for your team, maybe a gift card to their favorite restaurant, clothing store, or online fun store—taking time out of your day to have a quick meeting with your team to discuss how things are going. Don’t forget to have one-on-one during the week to keep your individual and group morale up. 
  4. Employee satisfaction leads to customer satisfaction:  Using the proper metrics, customer service rewards, and meetings to discuss improvements and wins. Your team also needs to compress feeling stuck in their house. It’s best the team feels together when we’re all apart.

It’s a challenge to work remotely and to feel work is done. Being patient with yourself and your team needs to be addressed. Discuss with your team to get the best suggestions and improvements to make working remotely easier.