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Customer Satisfaction And 5 Ways To Improve It


How do you know your customers are satisfied with your business?

We know the old customer service saying. “The customer is always right. How do we know that? Precise data analytics, account based marketing, countless surveys, empirical evidence, focus groups. Those are all important to show the customer metrics of why they’re right. How do you know the customer is satisfied with your company?

Let’s define customer satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is a measurement of how satisfied your customers are with your business’s product and services. The customer satisfaction score you receive is a clear indicator of how your customers think about your business. The score affects customer retention, time to value, and customer acquisition cost.

Now that you know what customer satisfaction is. How do you improve your customer satisfaction? Here are five ways to measure and improve your customer satisfaction. 

  1. Value your customers: I realize that’s an obvious answer. Are you really valuing your customers? Do you listen to them? Instead of saying sorry and giving them a discount for their next purchase. Why not show your customer how much you value them. Ask them questions about how we can improve, what can we as a company do to make your experience better? We value your business plain and simple. Your customers won’t stay if they don’t feel valued.
  2. Surveys: There are plenty of surveys to understand your customers satisfaction.

These are only a few of the ways to learn about your customers.

Customer Effort Score (CES) survey: CES gives companies insight into how hard it is for customers to use your product or to get an answer from your support team.
In app surveys: using surveys on your website, mobile apps give you insight into the customers mind after recent purchases or interactions with your business.
Net promoter score: Is a measure of how customers trust and value your product and business.
Retention metrics: How did your customers feel about their engagement with your support team? Did your support team have an effect on retaining the customer? Did your pricing plans make a difference in retaining customers?

3.Train and educate your support team: Your support team needs constant and consistent training to make sure they always have the best interest of their customers. This is easily done by training your team to have first response resolution with customers. Have meetings with your team to discuss what’s working and not working. What tools your team needs, professional development. By doing this you can keep customers satisfied the first time.

4. Multichannel customer support: Customers need to interact with your company on different levels such as chat, social media, phone, video support. Having varied channels in place gives your business multiple channels to be proactive with your customers. If you don’t have multiple channels to connect with your customers you need to start,

5. Proactive customer support: I mentioned this with multiple channels support. Other ways are having video tutorials to address customer issues. Personalized emails that customers can educate themselves on your product, specific parts on your product. Documentation about your product and business to address issues and how to get help. It’s best to get out in front of your customers and show them how easy it is to work with your business.

There are many easy ways to improve your customer satisfaction. Your customers may be right but unless you know they’re truly satisfied with your product and business. You’ll never really know.