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Strive MedTech intends to use Reach to aid in improving their app’s usability and support patients undergoing orthopedic surgery who use wearable technology to aid in their recovery. 

Strive is a total care platform redefining the delivery of musculoskeletal care through mobile software and wearable technology. The Strive platform is an end-to-end solution for patients undergoing joint replacement procedures that directs patients through initial assessment, surgery pre-op, and post-op therapy with provided at-home sensors and mobile app. Strive MedTech promises to reduce care team burden and promote optimal patient outcomes by providing essential information for care teams without requiring in-person office visits.


Being a successfully growing start-up, Strive began launching their platform and wearable range-of-motion sensors into several health systems across the midwest. As more patients came online, they struggled with educating their target patient demographic on the proper way to use the sensors and interact with their mobile app. This, combined with multiple touchpoints between Strive and the patient’s healthcare system practices, meant that support in the field was always a challenge for this small organization. As they grew, so did their headaches in customer service.

Recent updates to Android and iOS mobile operating systems had resulted in connection problems for their Bluetooth sensors and many patients experienced disconnection while performing exercises using the Strive app. This was a known issue that Strive was working to resolve with their software development teams and support staff were instructed on a process to provide replacement sensors to affected users. However, they began to suspect that more was contributing to patient difficulties. It often felt like support calls lasted far longer than anticipated due to providing guidance for the user on how to navigate the app itself rather than troubleshooting specific sensor problems. 

They needed a way to see what the patients were seeing in the Strive app in order to truly understand the root cause of user difficulties.

Strive had to act fast or risk losing new business and existing health system customers. Strive turned to Cygnus as a solution to uncover the underlying needs for their support staff.   


Strive worked with Cygnus to implement the Reach solution into their software ecosystem including their mobile apps and administration web portal.  Reach allows support representatives to see the patient’s mobile app through a screen share and quickly determine if the hardware in the Strive sensors needs to be replaced. There is also less burden on the patients to know how to use the mobile app since they could share their screen and have a virtual “Strive coach” guide them through the onboarding process and first-time use.


With Reach implemented into the platform, Strive anticipates being able to assist more patients with far less support personnel. Furthermore, by utilizing the Bluetooth connection proxy to the joint monitoring devices, sensor malfunctions can be diagnosed remotely and replacements can be shipped the same day.

Early insights point to some confusing workflows in the login and onboarding process. Strive MedTech intends to use Reach services to capture footage of real customers and patients interacting with their app as evidence towards a business case for an app redesign around these specific touchpoints.

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