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Keeping Heavy Machinery Running In the Most Extreme Conditions

LogiLube utilizes Reach to support remote mining rigs and overcome communication barriers between support reps in the United States and operators located in the far reaches of the globe.

LogiLube, LLC is a technology development company focused on predictive data analytic solutions for the oil and natural gas compression industry. Their technology detects imminent failures in heavy equipment in the oil & gas, mining, and wind energy markets and provides real-time data online from anywhere around the globe, on any device. This actionable data allows companies to manage potential problems, increase equipment uptime and increase revenue.


The lost opportunity cost of a large hydraulic excavator in an iron ore mining operation can be as much as $55,000 for each hour of downtime.1 Catching a potential failure before it happens can prevent a catastrophic event and potentially save millions of dollars in lost revenue. Through advances in AI algorithms and IoT sensors, mining operations can better monitor the health of their equipment fleet.

However, IoT sensors alone can’t tell the whole story when dealing with fluids. Physical samples of fluids such as engine oil and hydraulic fluids need to be collected periodically and sent to a lab for detailed analysis to assess the condition and determine if the fluids/filters need changing or a preventative repair needs to be made before an imminent catastrophic failure occurs.

LogiLube was working to developed their latest product, the SmartOil-M™ Series. The devices was a modular real-time oil condition monitoring and autonomous LIVE oil sampling system that integrated off-the-shelf IoT sensors to provide real- time condition monitoring of fluid properties. The SmartOil-M system would be designed to collect LIVE samples of fluids to better predict equipment performance and potential points of failure. The solution also included a companion mobile app which would allow for programming collection periods, reviewing logs, and referencing the health of the fluids being sampled through the use of Bluetooth communication to the sensors inside the SmartOil-M.

During development, the SmartOil-M system faced challenges with sensor connection and user error during the collection process. The system was deployed and being used with mining haul trucks in Chile and Australia. But support engineers were primarily located in the United States. As LogiLube teams in Colorado attempted to troubleshoot these issues with the on-site engineers, it became evident that support in the field would continue to be problematic and challenging while trying to execute the launch from the United States. The COVID-19 pandemic had led to restricted flights to Chili and Australia so technicians could not be safely sent to the mining sites to help. LogiLube needed a solution that would empower both the end-users in foreign countries and the support engineers in the U.S.


LogiLube worked with Cygnus to build Reach remote into their software ecosystem including a custom interface for their mobile apps and backend administration web portal. 

Customer view of LogiLube mobile app when connected to remote support.
Support agent desktop web portal showing configuration parameters for SmartOil-M device and user-shared video.

Reach allowed LogiLube’s support representatives to focus on determining what sensors were failing at the time and fixing the problem in the smart devices.  The use of the live video stream also helped to identify potential causes for user error.

By having a direct way to see what was happening instead of solely relying on the end user to describe the behaviors, LogiLube created a better sense of trust and confidence in their support teams.


LogiLube wanted to sell mining organizations on the use of the SmartOil-M as a way to reduce risk for mining operators in the field. They worked with Cygnus to white-label Reach as “SmartReach” in their software and resell the solution to their clients as an added value proposition for the SmartOil-M.

The use of Reach to diagnose sensor failures during the development of the SmartOil-M also allowed LogiLube to provide support when unable to physically be on site. It is estimated that the company has 8,800 miles of air travel by being able to support their Bluetooth product remotely.


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