4 Ways IoT Is Transforming The Commercial Kitchen

by John Radtke

4 Ways IoT Is Transforming The Commercial Kitchen

How is IoT shaping the future of commercial kitchens? IoT prevents machine failures, improves operational efficiencies, and reduces costs. There are many other ways that IoT is transforming the commercial kitchen. Here are four ways IoT is transforming the commercial kitchen. 

Four Ways IoT is transforming commercial kitchens:

  1. Increase efficiency and productivity: Using real-time data gathered by built-in sensors, these monitoring systems can send responses back to you on your mobile phone and computer on the condition and status of the kitchen equipment. They can also troubleshoot existing problems and anticipate potential equipment failures and proceed to alert you of required maintenance action.
  2. Lowers costs and reduces waste: With IoT-enabled inventory tools integrated into existing point-of-sale systems, outlet managers can keep track of inventory easily and remotely. Stock is automatically adjusted based on sales and daily orders, and replacement orders are generated whenever an item falls below the minimum level.
  3. Safer and better food quality: IoT-supported products by time and temperature-tracking software, kitchen appliances like stoves, freezers, and refrigerators can automatically adjust themselves to synchronize with the changing conditions and keep the food inventory fresh. These self-monitoring systems can reliably track the methods capable of compiling accurate results and data needed to comply with health and safety requirements from the authorities.
  4. The bottom-line: The price of doing business will always involve significant repair and replacement costs. It’s no exception in the restaurant business. One of the best ways to reduce equipment failure is through continual low-cost, real-time monitoring and notification systems.

Equipment failure and kitchen disasters will happen anywhere. IoT is growing every day in every industry. Companies need to implement before they fall behind other businesses.  More to the point, it’s also never been easier to implement IoT sensors in critical restaurant equipment. One of the best ways to reduce equipment failure is through continual low-cost, real-time monitoring and notification systems.

John is the sales/marketing manager at Cygnus and has over twenty years of customer service experience. John is passionate about helping businesses give a superior customer experience.

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