IoT Has Revolutionized The Call Center Industry 5 Ways To Revolutionize Your Support Team

by John Radtke

IoT Has Revolutionized The Call Center Industry 5 Ways To Revolutionize Your Support Team

Revolution is a good thing. It made our forefathers break away from the traditional British empire and start a colony. We all know the rest of the story. IoT has revolutionized the call center forever with data. Your call support team can use the data to help your customer solve their technical problems with the product. This will lead to longer and more detailed customer calls. Is your support team ready to handle the technical complexity of the calls? Is your call center revolutionary? Let’s discuss ways you can revolutionize your call center.

Here are 5 ways to revolutionize your call center:

  1. Becoming more proactive:  Be smart about your data. With IoT you can predict and monitor data before an issue even arises. Proactively monitoring your devices and analyzing the data beforehand will lead to better understanding of the signs there might be an issue. Use the technology to the fullest which gives your business an advantage over other businesses who live by the motto, “if it's not broken, don’t fix it.”  Your business already fixed the problem before it happens.
  2. Customer support team needs to be specialized in a variety of tasks: Call center support teams need to be trained properly in giving superior customer experience. With IoT your customer support team with specific training like a malfunction of a smart appliance. IoT will demand your support team is trained properly to answer technical questions to give the customer a superior experience. 
  3. Your call center must deal with the multi-channels approach: Customers have many ways to get support for your product. Chat, social media like twitter, Facebook, linked in, support forms, email. How do you handle the variety of ways customers reach to you for support? Your team needs to proactively monitor these sites and find the best solution to help your customers. It’s not going to be easy but it needs to be addressed or face customers online backlash.
  4. Reaching out to customers with data to help them: Online privacy is a hot button issue in today’s world. However reaching out to customers with data that can help them save time and money. More importantly, extending the life of your product is valuable to the customer. Have your support team follow up with  a customer after an issue has been resolved. For example maybe the customer is not changing the filters in their smart fridge. A reminder is a nice way to show the customer you’re looking out for them. 
  5. Streamlining the customer experience: IoT will help streamline the customer experience by using data, predictive analytics, and AI to better understand the products issues before they occur. Customers then can pinpoint the issue faster than ever before. Your support team can take the information and create a training video to help your customer understand how to fix the issue. This will not only help the customer fix the issue but lend credence to your business. Your support team are experts in the issue and now can focus on other issues as they arise. Creating a superior customer experience. 

In closing, the call centers that invest in their teams through consistent training, education, and giving your teams the proper information before the issue becomes a larger one. IoT has revolutionized the call center industry and customer experience forever. Is your call center revolutionary? If not, you need to change before you customers find another business that is revolutionary.

John is the sales/marketing manager at Cygnus and has over twenty years of customer service experience. John is passionate about helping businesses give a superior customer experience.

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