Becoming A Customer Support Hero In a IoT World

By John Radtke

Becoming A Customer Support Hero In a IoT World

I admit that I’m a superhero nerd. Who doesn’t want to be Batman? Superman? Wonder Woman Come on, who are you kidding? How about becoming a customer support hero? I know you’re not able to leap buildings, have those fun gadgets, or a lasso that makes people tell you the truth. 

What can you do to give customers a great experience. That’s very important in this ever changing world of IoT technology. How do you become a customer support hero? Here are some ways to look at and adapt with your customer support representatives.  

A report by Accenture Global Consumer Pulse Research found: "that when customer service issues arise, 73 percent of customers prefer human interaction over a digital channel."

Providing a superior customer experience 

What that means for your company is to make sure that you handle the issue immediately and efficiently. For example, If a customer is having trouble scheduling an appointment to have their smart oven fixed. Your customer service team should be calling the customer directly and rescheduling the appointment promptly. The customer will appreciate you taking the time to make sure their needs were met. Which the customer will go online to speak on their experience. Boosting your ratings. Leading to more sales.

Support among many channels

The customer has many options for support such as chat, social media, phone, email, YouTube. You need to continue to monitor these different channels. I mentioned that 73 percent of customers want human interaction. The 27 percent who don’t care about human interaction want to use different channels. Some customers feel comfortable with having a chat experience. Yes, it’s human interaction sort of for your customer support team. It's really important to have the right answers and properly trained support staff to talk the language on the different channels. 

Connecting all the data points

With all the complexity of brands intersecting in the IoT landscape it’s a challenge to monitor 24/7 to give the customer the best support possible. Your company must deliver uninterrupted service to your customers across the connected environment. In order to do this you must understand the points among the customer support journey to see how to best support the customer experience. That could include partnering with another support company, surveying current customers to understand their experiences when they need support, and speaking to your customer support team and what they struggle with on a daily basis. These are a few ways to connect with your data dots. You have to be willing to invest to continue upgrading your customer support.

Supporting your customer in the growing world of Iot won’t be easy. You need to challenge your support team, upgrade your investment in support, grow partnerships, and constantly learn from your customers to improve your support experience. At least you don’t have to save the world from a nasty supervillain. You can save your customer from having a bad experience. That’s not bad either. 



John is the sales/marketing manager at Cygnus and has over twenty years of customer service experience. John is passionate about helping businesses give a superior customer experience.

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